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The Last Kiss, 28 minutes, DVD

A romantic comedy about a 26-year old bachelor who has a kissing phobia due to a terrible childhood experience. He falls for a girl and relies on his roommate to help cure him, but nothing seems to work. In a last attempt, they concoct a master plan to make sure he overcomes the phobia and get the girl of his dreams..

Justice Leak - Welby
Amy Thompson - Lucy
April Billingsley - Maria
Paul DeMarco - Rainer
Andy Smith - Priest
Sarah Smith - Alter Girl

Tam Le - Writer, Director, Editor
Randal Crow - Director of Photography
Josehp Walker - Camera 1
Paul Williamson - Camera 2
Larry Davenport - Boom
Gary Anselmo - Boom
Carrie Hill - Instrumental Music
Sukimono - Music
Rachael Jeff - Production Assistant
Kim Le - Production Assistant

Sidewalk Film Festival
George Lindsey Film Festival
Sometime in October Film Festival