Tam Le Films

Snitchers, 20 minutes, DVD

A bag of drugs is found in a seedy nightclub in downtown Birmingham, England. It turns out the bag is worth a lot of money. Five friends try to find a way to sell it and make some money. What they donít realize is the unforeseen danger that comes with the business.

Mary Barrett - Amy
Renee Williams - Bridgette
Cherie Fields - Emma
Jody Rivera - Sophie
Jen Graham - Mary
Don Cano - Drug Dealer
David Crabb - The Buyer
Jack Heidt - The Owner
Keith Gugliotto - Bodyguard
John Cover - Bodyguard

Tam Le - Writer, Director, Editor
Randy Crow - Director of Photography
Joe Walker - Camera Operator
Phil Glotfelty - Sound/Gaffer
Carrie Hill - Make-Up/Hair

John Pittman - Production Assistant
Meridith Grimsley - Production Assistant
Annie Brunson - Music

Sidewalk Film Festival