Tam Le Films

Everybody Loves Johnny, 7 minutes, DVD

The anti-hero, Johnny, is seeking the femme fatale who betrayed him. He finds her in the dark, seedy part of town, and realizes it could be another setup. A experimental film-noir genre film with a blend of sitcom humor.

Grey Tildon - Johnny
Carla DeFranco - Shasha
JP Louis - JP
Carly Robbins - Prostitute
Jennifer Cooke - Madame
Ramie Solwold - Dancer
Patrick Burke - Body Guard
Joey Bruno - Private Eye

Tam Le - Writer, Director, Editor
Larry Davenport - Director of Photography
Tom Waldrop - Lights
Mike Mills - Sound
Allan Barlow - Music
Terry Bruno - Makeup

Sidewalk Scramble Filmmaking Competition - Finalist