Tam Le Films

A Day In November, 30 minutes, DVD

A light, funny story about a young couple, Megan and Welby, who must solve last-minute problems that could jeopardize their perfect wedding day. They turn to their groomsmen and bridesmaids for help, but it turns out, everyone has problems of their own.

Creed Bowlen - Welby
Amy Thompson - Megan
Joanne Savage Truitt - Emily
Paul DeMarco - Jonathan
Carla DeFranco - Roberta
Jeff White - Packer
Kim Le - Hannah
LaCalvin Millender - Marcus
Karla Blanton - Alexis
Andy Smith - Priest

Tam Le - Writer, Director, Editor
Randal Crow - Director of Photography
Joseph Walker - Camera Operator
Marcy Black - DP Assistant
Elizabeth Coleman - Script Supervisor
Jon Kassaw - Boom
Annie Brunson - Music
Carrie Hill - Makeup/Hair
Kimberly Tompkins - PA

Sometime in October Film Festival (Semi-Finalist)
Sidewalk Film Festival
George Lindsey Film Festival